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Branding Workshop

Thurs. October 19th- !008 - 6PM


About HUCM.org


On behalf of the entire student body, Welcome to our website!

HUCM.org is the student home of the Howard University College of Medicine. Content is written and submitted for us, by us. This website serves as a portal for us to share information with you about the wonderful events and activities pertaining to our student body. By perusing the pages of our site, we hope that you learn a little more about our journey on the path to becoming unparalleled physicians!

If you are in search of official Howard University or HUCM News and Information, feel free to visit their site here! (and here)


Events and Activites


Research forms the backbone of medical education. Learn more about our research endeavors and achievements on our research page!

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Community Service

Community involvement and engagement are an important aspect of HUCM experience. Check out some of the work we are doing and see how you can get involved!