We are medical students of all genders, dedicated to empowering women's voices in medicine.


Welcome to the Women in Medicine webpage! To receive updates about our group, including our meeting dates and times, please scroll down and sign up using the form below. We have recently become a Chapter of the American Medical Women's Association and couldn't be prouder!

Our Mission Statement

The purpose of the Organization Women in medicine shall be to:
  Uplift and encourage those persons who have dedicated their lives to the care of others, in the capacity of Medical Professional,
  Stand as ballast and champion of the underserved community, where we see the potential for growth through support of local programs,
  and to uphold the tenets set forth by the Howard University College of Medicine, from whence our passion springs forth.

What We Do

We hold several annual events and programs, including the ever-popular Valentine's Day Baegram Sale! In the past, we have held science fairs for nearby schools and we regularly volunteer as a group at local shelters, delivering food during the holidays. Some of our activities are documented in the slider below. 

If you are interested in serving the underserved but aren't sure about a medical specialty, this is the group for you! Be sure to join us at one of our monthly meetings, which you can find out more about by signing up below.

Executive Board



President: Melissa Mosley

Vice President: Patsy Chenpanas

Secretary: Bria Rice

Parliamentarian: Alexandria Wells

Fundraising Chair: Lakai Banks-Dean

Activities Chair: Raina Bembry

Freshman Liasion: Shannon Sullivan

Freshman Liasion: Simran Soni

President: Raina Bembry

Co-Vice President: Adora Nwankwo

Co-Vice President: Simran Soni

Parliamentarian: Melissa Mosley

Community Service Chair: Shannon Sullivan

Recording Secretary: Naveen Ghuman

Corresponding Secretary: Bria Rice

Fundraising Chair: Laura Allen

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