Vote for your 2017-2018 Eboard

Rules and Regulations

  • Quorum will be assumed, as all dues paying members are eligible to vote
  • For Uncontested positions - you must approve or disapprove the appointment of the candidate
  • For Contested Positions - the winning candidate must receive more than 50% of the vote. 
    • For positions with more than 2 to vote on, each dues paying GBM member will only receive one vote, and the top scorers will be awarded the position.


  1. The survey will be collected with the personal account of the Student Council Webmaster, as opposed to the C/O 2020 account, in order to remove any bias and voter fraud. 
  2. Each Dues-paying member may only vote once.
  3. Please refer to your email for the Letter of consideration for the 3 Candidates of Admissions Committee Rep. BEFORE VOTING! 

Voting Closes at 11:59:59PM on April 21, 2017 (That's Tonight!)`

Name *
Emaree Cobb
Adebusola Awosanya, Kachi Ezeibe, India Jones, Bruk Mekonen
Whitney Jones, Mahima Bhayana
Lysa Auguste, Gretter Diaz
Prenicia Gant
Anchal Ahluwalia, Erin Hercules
Derek Altema
Arvin Jundoria
Evan Smith
Nicholas Guthrie
Bernard Ndedi, Elizabeth Hayes
Jessica Perry, James Lockhart, Shazanne Pennant
Karen Johnson, Brianna Washington
Connor Smith
Britney Scott, Quaylon Smith
Admissions Committee Rep *
Please Choose only up to two (2) candidates. If you choose 3, your vote will not be counted
Kyle Ackerman, Chioma Nwasike
Mr. Moore would like everyone to know that if you don't empty your locker after our tests next week, or if you don't notify him that you will be in summer school or doing summer tutoring or anything else where you will still be using your locker, he will cut your lock and your stuff will removed.
I agree to the disclaimer above. I certify that these are my votes for the Class of 2020 Eboard for the 2017-2018 School Year, and have made these decisions under my own volition. *