Student Council 2018-2019


Carina Felix


Welcome and thank you for visiting our webpage. The Howard University College of Medicine Student Council serves as the voice of the student body. We promote events and initiatives that will increase the personal and professional growth of our student body as we prepare to embark on careers as physicians.  Some of the professional development events planned for the Spring 2018 semester include a Residency Fair, Financial Literacy and Financial Wellness Seminars, a “How to Start Your Own Practice” Workshop and various HUCM Alumni Speaker Series.  Our Community Outreach events for the Spring 2018 semester include a Winter Coat Drive, STEM Fair Judging at the Howard University Middle School of Mathematics and Science, volunteering at a local soup kitchen, among other things. We encourage you to get involved and stay updated by visiting the HUCM google calendar and by reading our daily HUCM news email outlet,  The Daily Digest. If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact us at (Carina Felix) or (Shihyun Kim). Thank you!

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Shihyun Kim




David Woods


This year the VP of Finance will work on passing a budget for Student Council, and subsequently allocating funds to the different student groups here at Howard. We will continue to finance the Student Council-sponsored events, and programs. If you have any questions, feel free to contact me at




Nicholas Guthrie



As the curator of the public facing aspects of the student body, the webmaster is responsible for maintaining this website, as well as other social media platforms. Last year, we launched, pioneered the HUCM webstore, and worked with class councils to roll out various tools to streamline data dissemination and gathering for the student body. 


Office Manager

As the director of day-to-day operations of the Student Council, the Office manager works alongside the President to ensure that the council members are properly equipped to carry out their duties. This includes managing office hours, correspondence, and aiding other council members with their initiatives. 


This Could Be You!


Adebusola Awosanya


Vice President of Communications

My name is Adebusola "Bussy" Awosanya. I am a current M2 student from Prince George's County, Maryland. This academic school year, I serve as the Vice President of Communications for Student Council. In summary, my job entails preparing and providing HUCM correspondences on behalf of the Student Council and disseminating them to the general student body. Primarily, I ensure that both the HUCM Google Calendar and Daily Digest are prepared. The HUCM Google Calendar houses relevant HUCM/HU major events, exam schedules for all four classes, as well as events from student organizations. The Daily Digest provides a snapshot of weekly events, community service opportunities, and more. As a part of the HUCM family, Student Council encourages the use of both of these features to enhance your holistic medical school experience. 

Vice President of Alumni Affairs

As the student representative to the Howard University Medical Alumni Association (HUMAA), I ensure that financial opportunities are adequately communicated to the medical school, including loans, scholarships, emergency funds, and funding for various events. I also organize the HUMAA Physician Speaker Series luncheon event in order to allow students to gain a  better understanding of various medical specialties fields while enjoying lunch on us! I also sit on different committees within HUMAA in order to make sure decisions that affect students are handled as appropriately as possible. Finally, I organize educational events that will benefit all students beyond the classroom such as financial literacy and steps to opening a private practice.


Carensa Caezar


Philise Williams

Vice President of Education

As a dual representative of the student body and the Curriculum Committee, the Vice President of Education serves as a liaison between the deanship and the student body as well as a resource to fellow students. An educational platform outlining the programming for the academic year enhances the tenure of the VP and allows for lasting changes at HUCM. Additionally, the VP supports the VPs of Education and Curriculum in each class.

Vice President of Activities

As the VP of Activities, I am involved in almost all school-wide events. I host programs that benefit the general student body and assist groups and administration in event organization and coordination. I am currently working on the following:

  • VPs of Community Affairs and I are working on a community service fair and a day of service
  • a "Healthy, Wealthy, & Wise" 3 part series for the Spring semester
  • Grad School Game night & more!
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Jamiela McDonnough

Vice Presidents of Fundraising

As the VPs of Fundraising, we are responsible for raising funds for Student Council in order for the council to host social and academic events for the HUCM student body. During this school year, we have created various new apparel and items to sell to the student body and alumni. These items include, but are not limited to: crewnecks/hoodies, alumni gear and license plates. We are responsible for handling the inventory, updating the school apparel website, and ensuring that customers receive their items in a timely fashion.

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Dominique Durante


EdidiongAbasi Okon


Heran Abiye

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Channelle Carr

Vice Presidents of Community Affairs

Hello everyone! We are Channelle Carr and Heran Abiye, and we serve as your VPs of Community Affairs for the 2017-2018 academic year. Look out for service events hosted by us monthly, please refer to the community service link on this website and the Daily Digest for updates. We look forward to working with you all this year!


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Brianna Ali

Vice President of Graduate Affairs

Greetings! My name is Brianna Ali and I am your 2017-2018 VP of Grad affairs! I am here to be the lifeline to the maintenance and cleaning staff here in the medical school and hospital student-designated areas. I am responsible for relaying any concerns through the appropriate channels and ensure clear communication and any necessary follow-up for students. Feel free to connect me at anytime at my email ( or with the survey link! My goal is to assist in making our  learning environment as safe and comfortable as possible.

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Danielle Bullock

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Olumide Olulade


Azeez Osho

Graduate Student Association Representatives

The Graduate Student Assembly offers you the opportunity to interact with graduate students from other schools at Howard including our Allied Health partners from the Schools of Pharmacy, Dentistry, and Nursing, and non-allied health programs including Law, Business, and Education, among others. Like all graduate programs at Howard, students of the CoM are automatically members of GSA and are welcome to attend monthly meetings. GSA offers social and professional mixers, together with opportunities to be involved in any number of GSA committees including Alumni Relations, Community Outreach, Public Relations, Professional Development, Health and Wellness, among others. GSA is also extensively involved in Homecoming weekend, organizes a Ski Trip in February, and an End-of-Year Gala. Look out for announcements on GSA-sponsored events in the HUCM Daily Digest! Furthermore, GSA provides up to $500 in funding for organizational events. For more information on being active in the GSA, please contact or speak to one of your representatives!


Shihyun Kim

HUSA Senate Representatives 

Howard University is made up of 17 schools and colleges and as HUSA Senators, we are responsible for being the representatives for the College of Medicine in the Howard University Student Association. The Senate is composed of different committees that tackle different sectors regarding students and our goal is to create policy and/or legislation that will be of benefit to the entire school body. Essentially, the belief is that having tangible legislation that is written by the students and for the students is the root of progression.


Morenike Olu


Kevin Bonilla

Class of 2018 President

Class of 2019 Representatives


Kwame Tuffuor

Class of 2018 Student Council Representative

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Kristen Bailey

Class of 2019 President

Class of 2019 Representatives

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Marika Tate

Class of 2019 Class Representative 

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Camila Alvarado

Class of 2020 Studeent Council Represrentative 

Class of 2020 Representatives

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Jonothan Smileye

Class of 2020 President


Justin Morales

Class of 2021 President

Class of 2021 Representatives


Tiffany Anthony

Class of 2020 Student Council Representative