Student Council 2018-2019


Carina Felix


Hello! My name is Carina Felix and I’m currently a rising MS4 here at the Howard University College of Medicine. I’ve had the pleasure of serving as a member of the HUCM Student Council for the past 3 years and now proudly serve as the president for the 2018-2019 academic year. Over the years, the HUCM Student Council has become more involved and I look forward to seeing continued growth in the years to come. In addition to enhancing our staple events, a major goal I have this year is to host events, workshops, and engaging activities that focus more on mental health issues and the emotional/mental/physical well being of our student body. The entire student council and I look forward to a productive and rewarding year.

A little about myself: I was born and raised on St. Croix in the US Virgin Islands and am an island gal in every sense. I graduated with my BS in Biology from thee Howard University in 2015 and loved my experience so much that I knew I had to be here for medical school. I enjoying travelling, dancing, and having a good ol’ time. #RihNavy

Have ideas or concerns? We’d love to hear them:

Vice President

Greetings! It is my utmost pleasure to serve our student body as vice-president of the HUCM Student Council. In addition to supporting President Felix’s goals, I plan on strengthening the structure and increasing accountability of our council and student organizations. I am extremely excited to accomplish our goals for this year to further enhance the student experience! 

I was born in Ulsan, South Korea and grew up in India, Russia, and Ukraine before coming here for college. These past four years at Howard have been nothing short of amazing and I am thrilled for the next two! I love playing basketball, and am a diehard Boston Celtics fan. 

Please feel free to reach out at 

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Shihyun Kim



David Woods


This year the VP of Finance will work on passing a budget for Student Council, and subsequently allocating funds to the different student groups here at Howard. We will continue to finance the Student Council-sponsored events, and programs. If you have any questions, feel free to contact me at




Nicholas Guthrie


As the curator of the public facing aspects of the student body, the webmaster is responsible for maintaining this website, as well as other social media platforms. In 2016, we launched, pioneered the HUCM webstore, and worked with class councils to roll out various tools to streamline data dissemination and gathering for the student body. 


Office Manager

As the director of day-to-day operations of the Student Council, I, Jordan Williams, work alongside the President to ensure that the council members are properly equipped to carry out their duties. This includes managing office hours, correspondence, and aiding other council members with their initiatives. 


Jordan Williams


Brittney Morning

Vice President of Communications

Hello! My name is Brittney Morning I am a M2 from Dallas, Tx. I completed my undergrad here at Howard University. I love trying new food and watching scary movies!

I am excited to serve as your VP of Communications for this upcoming school year. I plan to keep everyone updated and informed on the many fun activities we have

planned as well as the many other events that will occur throughout the year. Feel free to contact me at

Vice President of Alumni Affairs

I am Carensa Cezar a rising MS4 from Hazlehurst, MS. I am the VP of Alumni Affairs and my plans for the year include various events to information the student body of financial literacy and medical career options while keeping the student body informed about events and resources by the Office of Alumni Affairs.

I can be reached at for any questions concerning the upcoming year!


Carensa Cezar


Whitney Jones

Vice President of Education

Hello!  My name is Whitney Jones (  I am a MS3 from St. Louis, Mo.  I graduated from the University of Missouri – St. Louis with a BS in Biology.  Before matriculating at HUCM,  I traveled the globe as a world-ranked professional tennis player while also earning an MBA in Finance.  After retiring from tennis, I began pursuing my dream of working in the field of medicine and worked as a registered nurse for 2.5 years  While at HUCM, I have developed a passion for medical education while serving on the Curriculum Committee and as VP of Education on Student Council.  I plan to build on these valuable experiences as I move forward in pursuing an academic career in surgery or a surgical subspecialty.

Vice Presidents of Activities

My name is Grayland Godfrey, ( and I am VP of Activities for the 2018-2019 school year. I am from Chesapeake, Va, and I completed my Bachelors of Science Degree in Biology at Hampden Sydney College in Hampden Sydney, Va. After completing my undergraduate education, I completed a Master's of Science Degree in Biology at Virginia Commonwealth University. I am currently a second year medical student at Howard. This year I plan to work with my Co VP of Activities to organize activities for the medical school that will engage students with a variety of different interests. I also hope to help plan activities that will promote interaction with students in other graduate schools at Howard.

My name is Alannah Mack. I’m a second year medical student from Atlanta, GA and a graduate of Spelman College. As one of the VPs of Activities for the 2018-2019 school year, I hope to enhance everyone’s medical school experience by creating and organizing fun events and activities for the student body! The best way to reach me is via text.

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Jamiela McDonnough

Vice Presidents of Fundraising

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James Clemmons

James Clemmons, current HUCM M2 and Columbus, GA native, graduated from Brown University with a BA in Economics. He has served in several different leadership capacities within cultural groups, student councils, and faith-based organizations. He also really enjoys mentoring youth, particularly those interested in medicine. He has a particular interest in designing more efficient models of health care that are both cost effective and data driven. Prior to enrolling at HUCM, James was employed as a health data analyst at Johns Hopkins Healthcare, informing quality improvement initiatives. With regard to his role as Co-Director of Fundraising, he has experience in graphic design and also the management of large budgets. He is excited to implement new ideas that engage HUCM and the Howard community at large.    

Hi! My name is EdidiongAbasi Okon, ( and I currently serve as one of the VPs of Fundraising. As VP of Fundraising, along with James Clemmons, we are responsible for raising funds for Student Council in order for the council to host social and academic events for the HUCM student body. During the school year, we create various new apparel and items to sell to the student body and alumni. These items include, but are not limited to: crewnecks/hoodies, alumni gear and license plates. We are responsible for handling the inventory, updating the school apparel website, and ensuring that customers receive their items in a timely fashion.


EdidiongAbasi Okon


Morenike Olu

Vice President of Community Affairs

My name is Morenike (Reni) Olu, an M2 from PG County, Maryland. As one of the VPs of Community Affairs for the 2018-2019 school year, my goal is to cultivate community service events that will be beneficial, inspiring, and available for all four years.

I can be reached by e-mail at

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Brianna Ali

Vice President of Graduate Affairs

Greetings! My name is Brianna Ali and I am your 2018-2019 VP of Grad affairs! I am here to be the lifeline to the maintenance and cleaning staff here in the medical school and hospital student-designated areas. I am responsible for relaying any concerns through the appropriate channels and ensure clear communication and any necessary follow-up for students. Feel free to connect me at anytime at my email ( or with the survey link! My goal is to assist in making our  learning environment as safe and comfortable as possible.

Graduate Student Association Representatives


My name is Tina Seidu, and I am one of your GSA Representatives for the ’18-’19 school year. I was born and raised in the DMV, and I lived in Texas prior to matriculating to HUCM. In my free time, I love to go to brunch, sample BBQ, and complete jigsaw puzzles.As your representative, I will be involved in planning campus-wide events with GSA. I also plan on keeping the HUCM student body informed of the variety of opportunities to interact with other graduate and professional students at Howard.

My name is Deandre Tate-Drummer and I'm a M2. I was born and raised in Chicago and went to undergrad and grad school at the University of Miami. I'm into all things food related. Plans for the year: I hope that the three GSA Representatives can get the medical school more involved in the graduate community at HU. I also want to make sure that other graduate students are aware of behaviors that promote health and wellness.

My name is Jarrett Jackson and I serve as one of this year’s GSA Rep. As representative, I hope to keep the lines of communication open between us and the other graduate schools. I intend on keeping us an active part of the conversation so that decisions made by GSA reflect us and our wants as well.


HUSA Representatives


Oye Oretan

Howard University is made up of 17 schools and colleges and as HUSA Senators, we are responsible for being the representatives for the College of Medicine in the Howard University Student Association. The Senate is composed of different committees that tackle different sectors regarding students and our goal is to create policy and/or legislation that will be of benefit to the entire school body. Essentially, the belief is that having tangible legislation that is written by the students and for the students is the root of progression.

Greetings, my name is Ore Oyetan and I am your 2018-2019 HUSA Senator. The role of a Senator in the Howard University Student Association is to represent the College of Medicine. As a member of the financial committee, I will work to ensure our student organizations obtain funding from HUSA board.


Kristen Bailey

Class of 2019 President

Class of 2019 Representatives


Marika Tate

Class of 2019 Student Council Representative

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Kristen Bailey

Class of 2019 President

Class of 2020 Representatives

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Marika Tate

Class of 2019 Class Representative

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Camila Alvarado

Class of 2020 Studeent Council Represrentative

Class of 2021 Representatives

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Jonothan Smileye

Class of 2020 President


Justin Morales

Class of 2021 President

Class of 2022 Representatives


Tiffany Anthony

Class of 2020 Student Council Representative