Student Council 2019-2020

Shihyun Kim



It is my utmost pleasure to serve our student body as president of the HUCM Student Council. I have been a part of this organization since I was a second year and have been working on strengthening the structure and increasing accountability of our council and HUCM student organizations.

We will be hosting events and workshops that not only emphasize the emotional/mental/physical well being of our student body, but also the mentorship and service components that come with being exemplary medical students. We look forward to leaving behind a rich experience and high standard for the coming years!

I was born in Ulsan, South Korea and grew up in India, Russia, and Ukraine before coming here for college. These past five years at Howard have been nothing short of amazing and I am thrilled for my final year! I love playing basketball and cooking whenever I can find the time.

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Vice President

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Nicholas Guthrie


As the curator of the public facing aspects of the student body, the webmaster is responsible for maintaining this website, as well as other social media platforms. In 2016, we launched, pioneered the HUCM webstore, and worked with class councils to roll out various tools to streamline data dissemination and gathering for the student body. 


HUSA Senators

Chimaobi Ndukwe

Kylar Wiltz

GSA Representatives

Rah-Sha M Al-Hassan

Lisa Umeh

Jordan Williams

2020 Class President

Johnothan N Smileye

2020 Class Representative

Camila C Alvarado

2021 Class President

Justin Morales

2021 Class Representative

Grayland Godfrey

2022 Class President

Keren Darius

2022 Class Representative

Mia Aldridge

2023 Class President


2023 Class President


Director of Activities

Navya Kanderi

Camelita Thrift

Director of Alumni Affairs

Tiffany Anthony

Director of Communications

Kereen Constant

Director of Community Affairs

Dorian Ball

Marcus Spady

Director of Education


Director of Finance

Jasmine Thompson

Director of Fundraising

Chika Adiele

Olivia McReynolds

Director of Graduate Affairs

Diannemarie Omire-Mayor

Director of IFAC Task Force

Derek Altema

Director of Student Wellness

Zackary Brown

Administrative Coordinator

Chiamaka Ekwunazu


Alannah Mack