Class of 2020 Highlights: July-September

Our class has been in medical school for about 2.5 months now. To some this may seem like a short time, but, after taking five tests and what feels like hundreds of quizzes, it becomes difficult to remember not being in medical school. So much has happened, causing each of us to grow as both individuals and as a class. There have been tears cried, smiles shared, and lots of parties thrown. I wish I could accurately describe what med school has been, but I can't even gather the words. So instead here is a bit of a highlights reel.

White Coat Ceremony

A huge moment for any medical student.

Smiles beamed from all sides of the room as they placed coats on our backs to match the joy found between our parted lips.

Parents on their feet and inexplicable pride soon embodied in a series of screams in varied pitches and tempos when their child's name was called.


"That's my little sister. She's so smart"-Tochi's brother


"My brother's so handsome!"- Thai's brother


When we walk across the stage our hands clammy, our knees buckling, our hearts racing, putting on our white coats, we suddenly transcend ourselves. There is something magnificent about going to an HBCU for medical school. Because most of us are not supposed to be here. Most of us are supposed to be in cotton fields with blistered fingers being beaten for learning alphabet. Most of us should be sitting on bus backs sipping water from colored fountains. But even for those who's story is different, we have all sacrificed. We have all stepped to new heights on the backs of crouched ancestors. So this moment, this white coat, is about more than me. We suddenly become ambassadors, revolutionaries, rebels. Breaking the back of societal ideals of actualized success. Azonto-ing, bachata-ing, bogle-ing, tap dancing, two-stepping on that thing. In a moment we become the diverse face of success that little boys and girls of every hue can recognize. So we walk across the stage hand in hand with the ghosts of those that came before us. Our success releasing their chains, and they dance and dance and dance. Some with jollof in hand, some with flan, or pho, or curry chicken, but all with the brightest glimmer in their smiles.


When we get off stage, we soon begin to repeat the Hippocratic oath.

 "I will follow that system of regimen which, according to my ability and judgment, I consider for the benefit of my patients, and abstain from whatever is deleterious and mischievous.” -Hippocraties

 I stand, repeating these words with my hand across my chest, and I think I may feel my atria telling me I'm almost a doctor. But who knows really, I'm barely a first year.

Freshmen vs. the World

A Howard tradition that did not disappoint this year. With our muscular men clad in football gear and pride we tackled our way to both a victory and trophy. Following the game, we enjoyed quite a lit barbecue (definition: a barbecue teeming with excitement).

The Night Show

This is another Howard tradition. In a program put on by second year students, first years display their most interesting talents for audience bids. With dancing, singing, and even comedy bits done, our class brought in a ton of money for the class of 2019. This money will be used to fund the fourth year's smoker (yet another Howard tradition).


Actual School

Roses are red.
 Violets are blue.
 They say 8 hours of sleep,
 But I'm in med school, so that can't be true.
 Carpal Tunnel in my wrists,
 Myopia in my eyes.
 I don't know what the lecturer is talking about,
 Only hope he doesn't hear my silent sighs.
 Okay, so he's talking parturition,
 But I'm thinking about my tuition.
 'Cause ramen every night can't be good nutrition.
 I got histo slides to memorize,
 So now I only fantasize
 In H&E and toluidine about bacteria being opsonized.
 And I can never remember that PICO rule,
 But ah, I guess it's all a part of med school.

Life Outside of School

Honestly, I couldn't imagine having a better group of people to call classmates. Our class of 2020 is kind, supportive, funny, and diverse. The individual personalities within our class creates a symphony of dopeness. Every person brings something awesome to the table. Inside school we are classmates, friends, each others support system, and so much more. This also translates to outside of our classes.


Here at HUCM,we've really gained an appreciation for Newton's Third Law of Motion.

 "For every action, there is an equal and opposite reaction."

 This law has also been the basis for important ideologies such as: work hard, play hard- a concept fundamental in our medical school survival. As you have seen we do in fact work very hard, so naturally we also play very hard.


Even more fundamental in our medical school survival is the concept of nil magnum nisi bonum which means 'No greatness without goodness'. Our class consistently focuses on meeting the needs of our fellow man, starting with the 120 in the class of 2020 and extending out into our communities. Amid our wide array of leisure activities, community service comes first.

-Britney Scott, Class of 2020 Historian