Kobina Enchill

As a child of a doctor, it seemed like a clear path towards medicine for Kobina Enchill. While he has ended up in medical school, his interests extend far past medicine into music, sports, and so much more. There's more to him than the white coat; let's get to know him a bit.

Where do you call home?

Home is Bowie, MD or Maryland in general. 


Where are your parents from?

My family is of Ghanaian decent.


How did you first become interested in medicine?

My first exposure to medicine was through my father. His drive and dedication to his patients served as motivation to pursue being a physician. 


What is your biggest lesson from medical school?

Medical school has taught me that there is still a lot to learn about myself in terms of how I learn best and retain information. In addition, it is also teaching me how to interact and respectfully communicate with likeminded, intelligent individuals without losing valuable ideas in translation.


What's your favorite pastime?

Reading fictional books, playing the piano, or playing basketball are some of my favorite hobbies. 


What can you do today that you were not capable of a year ago?

Prior to entering medical school, I was naive and felt as if I had no academic weaknesses. Medical school has been humbling mostly because it has illuminated my weaknesses. Instead of lamenting on them as I previously would have done, I am better at putting my pride aside and seeking help, thus giving me more of an opportunity to maximize my strengths. 


Who's your biggest role model?

Kobe Bryant is my greatest role model. No one individual was more dedicated to their profession and worked harder at perfecting their craft than he did. God-willing, I hope to emulate that same drive and attention to detail in regards to serving my future patients. 


What's your favorite quote?

"The great heights by which great men reached and kept were not attained by sudden flight." - Longfellow


What's your biggest regret?

I don't really have regrets because everything happens for a reason. However, If I could change one thing, I would have never stopped taking piano lessons in high school. 


What makes you smile?

Corny jokes are hilarious to me.


Why Howard University College of Medicine?

Howard gives you everything you need in a medical education. Though the institution and its instructors are excellent resources, I see my fellow classmates as the true keys to success. Most of my classmates come from different backgrounds and have learned effective strategies in terms of maneuvering through school and life in general. This is significant because they impart on me certain wisdoms that would be unattainable elsewhere. Though the information is passed on to us from our instructors, our greatest teachers will ultimately be each other and furthermore, our future patients. The fact that we learn from each other and embrace one another as a family would, really reduces the inherent stress of medical school and allows us to grow together en route to achieving our medical degrees.


What advice would you give to the incoming class of 2021?

Medical school is a process. Everything won't come all at once. Stay hungry but remain humble, grind hard yet find a way to enjoy the process, and most importantly, be open minded. Open mindedness is key because it allows you to learn about yourself, learn the material in different and innovative ways, as well as learn about your classmates. At the end of the day, making it out of medical school without learning about those that struggle and persevere with you everyday would have been a wasted experience. And always remember that you know more than you think you know.

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