Chima Ndukwe

Heya Class of 2023!

I’m Chimaobi Ndukwe, a first year Medical student who attended the illustrious Howard University for undergrad and hails from Chicago, Illinois. Some of you might recognize me from your interview days, as I’m the 2nd half of our recruitment dynamic duo! In med school I also stay involved in our Health Policy activism group (to stay involved politically) and various community oriented volunteer opportunities.

In my free time I enjoy a variety of activities! I like running, touring art exhibits, open mics, pottery classes, etc. If you’re looking for cool spots in DC let me know!

Unfortunately I won’t be here over the summer, as I’ll be doing research up at Harvard, but definitely reach out if you hav any questions or concerns about anything, especially as it relates to Healthcare/Medproctor (Which I am the freshman liaison for). Or just hit me up to introduce yourselves! 😁

Your transition can only go up from here ⬆️

In Truth & Service,

-Chima N

Kaia Amoah