Daniel Praise Mowoh

My name is Daniel Praise Mowoh andI was born and raised in a little city in the northwestern region of Cameroon, West Africa. After my high school graduation, I decided to take some time off from school to pursue my hobbies of travelling, drawing, painting, learning to cut hair, and experimenting as a local wedding singer. During this time of exploration, I reflected on which career would best suit me and after I was finished soul searching, I moved to the United States six years ago to join my family in the DMV area. I enrolled at Montgomery Community College where I obtained an Associates of Science and later transferred to the University of Maryland. During my undergraduate studies, I worked as a residential counselor for people with developmental disabilities as I am passionate about advocacy and equality of rights for those with disabilities. At the University of Maryland, I studied physiology and neurobiology and was involved in several mentoring and tutoring programs to help ease the transition of premed transfer students from community colleges. I am also passionate about enriching the younger generation and participated in after school science enrichment programs for the Boys and Girls Club of America. I graduated from the University of Maryland in the fall of 2015 and in the fall of 2016 began my first year at Howard University College of Medicine. My passion for medicine stems from personal experience.

In 2003, my mother was diagnosed with goiter and multiple uterine fibroids. She had a very poor prognosis with the health care system back home in Cameroon; fortunately, after coming to the US a few years later, she was able to receive amazing healthcare in the United States. In fact, one of the surgeries was performed at our very own Howard University Hospital. It was this incident that sparked my passion to enter medicine. This event especially increased my awareness of the disparities and need of medical care for people of low income, immigrant status, and those without health insurance.

In my free time I enjoy playing soccer, dancing, listening to music, drawing, painting, hanging out with peers, and watching movies. Fun fact, I am an avid anime and manga fanatic!

motto: I am not a defeatist, I just learned to surrender all to God and worry about absolutely nothing, that's why I wake up every morning smiling, because I know that nothing can take away my peace.


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