Rohan Ganti

What’s up 2021! My name is Rohan Ganti and I am going to be a 2 nd year med student here at Howard. I am 26 years old, and originally from North Potomac, MD, so not too far from DC at all. I went to undergrad at Boston College and majored in Math. After that, I did an MS/MPH at Boston University and worked for a year before coming here to Howard. A little about myself, I am a big sports fan (although it has died down a little this past year). I am a fan of BC and all Washington sports teams. I love playing basketball and tennis as well. Some fun facts about me, back in college I volunteered at a suicide hotline and taught math at a prison. The prison was an amazing experience because I absolutely love teaching. In addition to sports and teaching, I am the world’s biggest tourist. If I go do any new cities, I am always up trying new foods and checking out new places. I also love meeting new people and giving advice, so if any of you all want to ask any questions, feel free at any time! Looking forward to meeting you all!

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