Shannon Sullivan

Shannon Sullivan was born and raised in Los Angeles, CA. She received her B.S. in Biomedical Engineering, with a focus in Cell and Tissue Engineering, from Columbia University.

Through her academic studies and 10 years of research experience, Shannon has applied her engineering knowledge and been exposed to a wide range of medical fields from neonatology to neurosurgery. She has had the opportunity to publish as well as present abstracts and posters at national conferences, biotechnology competitions, and research symposiums.

Shannon has also solidified her commitment to serving those from disadvantaged backgrounds and underserved communities through her mentoring and volunteer experiences. At Columbia, Shannon received the King’s Crown Leadership Excellence Award for Inclusion and Advocacy in recognition of her dedication to the Multicultural Recruitment Committee, in which she developed an understanding of students with different identities to promote diversity at Columbia. Shannon was also presented with a Graduation Cord from the Office of Multicultural Affairs in recognition of her commitment to diversity and multiculturalism as a leader in the Columbia community.

Shannon has acquired valuable skills in leading and working with multiple teams, working with diverse groups, tackling problems from multiple perspectives, and becoming a socially responsible person and engineer who is conscious of not only the final result, but also the final impact on society at large. Shannon intends to pursue a medical career that integrates her passions for medicine and engineering and draw from her life experiences to provide the best care possible to diverse patient populations.

In her personal life, Shannon enjoys playing piano, traveling, watching Formula 1 car racing, and trying new restaurants and cuisines.

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