Health Screenings @ Gospel Music Professionals Convention

MS1 and MS2s volunteered their services at the Alliance of Gospel Music Professionals Convention presented by the Gospel Music Workshop of America. Students completed blood pressure checks and glucose screenings for individuals who attended the convention (primarily older patients of African descent). After obtaining the readings for each test, the participants were handed a sheet with their results, the specific ranges that health care professionals look for and what each range means in regards to individual health status. The infographic also contained instructions on how these patients can improve or maintain a healthy status in regards to their blood pressure and glucose maintenance. Dr. Daphne B. Bernard, PharmD, R.Ph was the faculty administrator on site.


2019 IMIG Trip

New Delhi, India

At the beginning of the summer, 14 members from HUCM2022 travelled to New Delhi, India as part of a medical mission trip in partnership with HUCM IMIG and the International Volunteer Headquarter. As student doctors, we were able to apply the clinical knowledge we gained during our first year at Howard to real patients. Through our volunteerism, we aided in providing health services to rural populations of New Delhi. The experience was eye-opening, humbling and has helped to further underscore the reasons why each of us chose Medicine. We are so grateful for the opportunity and can truly say India was incredible!