Meeting 1 - Precious

Daniel story about fasting when in the new land: only water and veggies

Fear of God allow us to understand thing above and beyond ourselves


Daniel 3:16

-       Daniel stood for God, to Glorify God

-       Shadrach Meshach and Abednego

o   Believed in the power of God and his capacity to Go above and Beyond

o   Daniel was a man of Integrity and Professionalism

o   Honored God in all we do

o   How Can we apply?

§  How to avoid Idols?

·      Family? Friends? School?

·      Put God first and Stand for Him and you will be safe and prosper

o   Sacrifices that we make for him will not come back void. It can look depressing or poor, but our ways are not his ways. We look at things from our perspective as mankind, God sees it all and it’s a lot different.

-       Daniel 6:1

o   Haters gonna hate; the others tried to plot

o   Daniel steadfastly prayed 3 times a Day to God just as he had Always done. Even in trial or circumstance he continued his routine, to Thank God and to be on his usual routine of Glorifying God.

o   Regardless of community, should not Change the way you do things. IF you pray keep praying, if you read word, keep reading, if go to church go to church. Make it a priority.

-       Daniel was put in lion’s den. Sometimes we are put in a lion’s den but God assures us that he will keep us through, unscathed.

-       Faith is God’s Currency, if you not investing what are you doing?

o   He will honor it.

o   Never Be afraid to ask God For Help



Reflection Questions

-       How do you Keep yourself afloat?

-       What are some methods you do to Stay faithful & dedicated

o   Daily Devotional, Gospel Music, Listening to Sermons

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