Community Service Updates !!

Good evening class,

I hope your studies are going well! As your VP’s of Community Service, Elizabeth and I are excited to share the following opportunities and updates with you all:

1.) Mark your calendars! On Saturday September 24th from 10am-1pm, HUCM c/o 2020 will be volunteering at the New York Avenue Men’s Emergency Shelter. This shelter provides hot dinners, showers, clothing, and beds for hundreds of homeless men in the DC area from 7pm-7am. As volunteers, we will be helping with cleanup of the interior/exterior of the facility. This service project can accommodate up to 40 volunteers and is only a three hour commitment. All supplies will be provided by the shelter. If you are interested in volunteering, please include your name in the document below: FzBLdF28uZ6CvTtbPRs/edit

2.) On Sunday *October 23rd from 2pm-4pm, *HUCM c/o 2020 will be volunteering at Bread for the City. Bread for the City is a food pantry that provides food for DC residents with incomes within 200% or less of the federal poverty line. On average, Bread for the City feeds 8,400 DC residents every month! As volunteers, we will be sorting/organizing the various types of produce that Bread for the City provides to the community. This service opportunity is only a two hour commitment and can accommodate a maximum of 17 volunteers. If you are interested in volunteering, please include your name in the document below: XSYE/edit

3.) For those interested in pursuing individual/long-term volunteering opportunities, we created the following google doc that is filled with various service opportunities both in and outside of DC. It includes a general description of the service site, the types of community service offered by that site, any requirements for potential volunteers, and contact information for the volunteering opportunity. New service opportunities will constantly be added to the document, so please check it often! The google doc with this information can be accessed here: QuMsFXhqFiAFDsM/edit?ts=57bf5d34

4.) Finally, if you are interested in volunteering with HUH (as mentioned in the document provided directly above), you must attend a mandatory volunteer orientation. The first orientation of the year will be at the *Towers Auditorium in HUH from 3-5 pm on September 13th. *If you are unable to attend this orientation, there will be another one in either October or November (the date has not been set yet) which we will let you all know about! Please keep in mind that this is separate from volunteering at Freedmen’s Clinic.

Thanks for sparing a few minutes from your studies to read all of that! If you have any questions about community service, please feel free to reach out to either of us! Apart from that, good luck on Tuesday’s exam everyone!

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Elizabeth Hayes and Bernard Ndedi HUCM c/o 2020 VP’s of Community Service

HUCM Webmaster