President: Student Health Insurance for Freshman Enrolled at HU Last Year

Hi class,

It has been brought to my attention that those in our class who attended Howard last year and utilized Howard's United Healthcare Plan last year may not be currently covered by the United Health Insurance Policy as of July 31st. This is due to Howard sending the paperwork late to United Healthcare. This issue has affected upperclassman as well. This DOES NOT affect freshman who enrolled in Howard University College of Medicine this year and WERE NOT on Howard's United Health Plan last year.

If you are currently not covered and have current healthcare/prescription needs please contact Mr. Karl William, Clinical Practice Supervisor, at Howard's Student Health Center. His email is You can also call the Student Health Center and ask to speak to him directly. He will rush your application with United Healthcare to get you added back to the policy.

Please keep me updated if you have any difficulty and I will continue to keep updated on the resolution to this matter.


Johnothan Smileye Jr Howard University College of Medicine 2020 Class President 617-872-7124

HUCM Webmaster