WMATA Bill 2016 : Important Message via Facebook

An important addition to the deluge of emails sent today. From Facebook and fellow classmate Steve Pierre-Louis.

  • -Nick*

HUCM2020 Webmaster

*Good Morning Everyone. *

*I have an update on the MetroPass Bill. I currently serve as the Howard University Student Association (HUSA) Senate representative for the College of Medicine; the HUSA Senate is the sole student group responsible for meeting bimonthly to discuss and vote on legislation or matters that are university-wide such as the Metro Pass.*

*The Metro Bill, as it has come to be known, is a pilot program partnership with WMATA that has been offered to American and Howard Universities. It would offer unlimited metro access (both train and bus) to students for the semester(s) it is in place. This program would increase our student fees by $100-102 per semester, and before it could be implemented, it would have to go before the student body for a university-wide referendum (we all vote yes or no on BisonWeb).*

*The idea for the bill was first introduced back in February, and I've attached an updated document about the biIl that the senate voted for in mid-July. We expect this pass to be implemented for the Spring semester, and the referendum to occur this Fall. The Howard University Board of Trustees is convening this week and will be presented with the senate-passed bill for review. Soon after their approval, we can have the referendum and finally have the bill before the student body for a vote. Please see the attachment for further details, and feel free to comment if you have any questions.*

HUCM Webmaster