Fwd: Research Update - Please respond by Thurs.

Hi everyone,

As you have heard, the Eboard has been preparing some updates on research opportunities for us all. Johnothan sent out a newsletter from Dr. Stubbs, so please take a look at that because there are a great deal of research opportunities on there with lots of information.

I spoke to Dr. Stubbs. For those of us that are interested in doing the Howard Hughes Program, I need you to send me an email at arvin.jundoria@bison.howard.edu and let me know who is definitely interested. I will be forwarding a list of those students interested to Dr. Stubbs. I need a definite list by *Thursday night, 9/22/16. *Dr. Stubbs wants the list of students by this Friday. Please provide me with your name, email, and contact phone number. The reason for this is because there will be a meeting held on October 26 with the program coordinator, and she wants to know how many of us are interested in Howard Hughes. Please have a copy of your resume with *ALL *your research experience ready by October 26, 2016.

For those of us interested in NIH, Dr. Stubbs highly recommends we attend the NIH meeting, which he sent us an email about. At this meeting, we will have an opportunity to learn about the summer program at NIH and the other various programs NIH offers. We will also be able to network and form contacts, which Dr. Stubbs stressed. That NIH meeting is on *October 12 at 2PM. *

That being said, for those of us who do not have research experience, Dr. Stubbs said that Howard Hughes and NIH will not be so keen on taking us. we cannot walk in without any research experience. Dr. Stubbs stated that for those of us without any experience and who want to get some to look into *"NextGen." *This is listed in the newsletter that Johnothan had sent out. It is a research program at the Cancer Center that you can start from now till February (which is usually when applications are due) and you can gain the research experience.

There is also a summer program called Nth Dimensions, for those of us interested in orthopedic research. This was not listed in the research newsletter, but is a program available to us.

The Eboard is working on holding a research panel with Dr. Stubbs and upperclassmen who have worked at NIH, Howard, etc and we will be updating you on the date for that shortly.

In regards to CITI training, we are required to do the "Biomedical" module. There are 16 links on there that we must complete. If you know you will be working with animals in your research, you must also complete the "Animals" module.

If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to reach out to any of us. Thank you!

Best, Arvin Jundoria 2020 Class Secretary

HUCM Webmaster