Webmaster Update 9/7/16 : Dropbox changes, Website redesign, and more!

Good Afternoon,

I just wanted to share a few updates with you. (Yes, you! Its a personal message! Don't mind the BCC!) You may have noticed a few changes to the website over the past few days, and I just wanted make everyone aware of the big points.

  1. Dropbox Purge Stay tuned for a new password for the dropbox in the coming days. The accompanying email will have an explanation. Also, Password changes are planned for every 90-120 days.

  2. Email purge I have had reports of people either receiving duplicate emails, or not receiving them at all, so instructions will be sent out in the coming days for an email verification.

  3. Project NERF

The E-Board is trying to lessen the amount of emails we send out to you, and the first step in "Project NERF" (No Email Ruining Fun) is that a lot more information will be posted first on the website in our new "Announcement bar". This will be text only, and function alot like these update emails. Right now, they are copies, but we can see if everyone likes them posted there, so we do not need an accompanying email anymore.

This is just step 1 in Project NERF, so any suggestions are welcome!

Speaking of suggestions...

  1. Class Corner

There is a new "Class corner" in our redesigned Class login page. This is a place for you to make suggestions to the Eboard. These can be anonymous (or not!) We will address them ASAP.

  1. Calendar!!!! There is a new calendar block on the login page that has a month view of the upcoming events. The best part is you can subscribe to the HUCM2020 Calendar, Meaning it can show up on your devices/calendar. Click the Plus Icon at the bottom of the calendar block to subscribe!

  2. Contributing to the webiste I know a lot of people are having different events for their orgs or for our class, so if you shoot us an email @ hucm2020@gmail.com , we can add those to the calendar and even write a post for it! Don't forget we can do forms and polls super easily, as well!

Also, I know we have alot of great writers out there, and we would love to feature your writing on the site. Email us!

7 . Photo sharing

Finally, I know everyone does different things, whether it be community service, going out to different bars, or playing board games! Share these moments with the class by uploading pictures to our shared folder! https://goo.gl/photos/6XGmQSEgsqR84GSA6 We would like to upload some pictures to instagram, or use them for promo material like on prospective student days! Also, when you have a bunch of old pictures to look back on in a few years, they can bring a smile to your face :)

The website is really nothing without you, which is why I directed this email as such. Please visit and try to contribute so we can keep our class cohesion strong.

Keep up the hard work!

  • Nick HUCM2020 Webmaster

PS. I also cleaned up the fonts and rebuilt the login page. #Crispy PPS. I was looking for a new color scheme, so shoutout to Jessica Dunn for the great color suggestion! Also #Crispy PPPS. Sorry, I had to put dropbox changes in the subject to make you open the email... #ClickBait

HUCM Webmaster