President: LAST CHANCE 9/13/16 6 PM *Submit Questions*

Hi class,

HUCM Student Council will be holding our semesterly college wide Town Hall Meeting with Dean Mighty on* September 13th at 6 PM in the Red Room (319)*. This is our chance as first year medical students to hear about the state of the medical college, present questions and comments to the Dean.

In order to make this process as efficient as possible we will be collecting your questions/comments in advance; synthesizing them and sending them to the Dean a few days beforehand. Below is a* link *where you can submit questions/comments to the Dean. You have the option to categorize your questions. Please submit any questions you may have by *Wednesday September 7th End of Day*.

Question/Comment Link

It is important that we have good turnout at the Town Hall Meeting, to show the Dean the seriousness of our questions and comments we have provided him. The attire is business casual, with white coat.

Let me know if you have any questions, comments or concerns.


Johnothan Smileye Jr Howard University College of Medicine 2020 Class President 617-872-7124

HUCM Webmaster