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Our diverse class is composed of some of the brightest minds that the future of medicine has to offer. We include individuals from a wide spectrum of races, cultures, sexualities, religions, and much more. The variety of our class carries innate benefits.  Currently, it allows us to learn many things from each other, and in the future it will help us better meet the needs of patients from all walks of life. We greatly anticipate the impact that the esteemed Howard University College of Medicine curriculum will have on our future medical careers. On this site, we hope to bring you all along on our journey. Watch our successes; watch our failures. Watch how we return from our failures, and hopefully be inspired.

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Class Size

120 Future Doctors

Date of Graduation

Saturday May 9th, 2020



Every problem can have multiple solutions. To see them you have to look at the big picture overall. Don’t limit yourself to just one route.

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